Boudoir photos for the plus size woman

Becca sent me this email so I thought this was a great place to share the email and a few of her pictures with everyone

"I'm thrilled with them, and I know that I, as a plus size woman, was looking for examples and so I'd be happy to show other women that any one can get that beauty inside them to shine on the outside!"
Thanks again!
   ~ Becca

Plus size boudoir photography

We celebrate all body types and believe in beauty on an individual level. Regardless of your modeling experience, our boudoir photographers work with your unique figure and suggest poses that will flatter your form in a natural way. Images are retouched and airbrushed to ensure a magazine-quality result.

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It means so much to me to hear positive feedback from my boudoir clients. My goal for every session is to make the woman feel gorgeous, confident and comfortable and when she brags or wants everyone to see my work I’m on cloud 9, thank you to all my past and future clients.

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